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WIRELESS Systems   
MICROPHONES studio / wired
guitar / bass products



Audio Products


Products: CX-22SW, CX-23SW

Direct Boxes

Products: ADI-1, ADI-2, DB-1, DB-2


Products: GEQ 131, GEQ 231, GEQ 215

Headphone Amplifiers

Products: HPA-4, HPA-8, HA-1X4


Products: QH 160, QH 200, QH 360, QH 560, QH-660, DJH-2000, QHM-100

Headphones: Noise Canceling

QH RacketBlaster Series: QH-30NC, QH-50NC

Microphone Preamps

Products: TMP-1, PRA-8, DMP-2


Products: MM-15USB, MM-141, MM-242, MM-14FX, SRM-10X, SRM-14X, CMX-16A

Mixers: Powered

Products: MPM 4130x, MPM 8175x, SPM-4250, PMX-600, PMX-1600

Portable Sound Systems

Products: RPA-2, RPA-4, RPA-6, Ensemble PA-4180, Access PSS-150, MaxTower, MXTS-8, MPM 4130x PA 210, MPM 8175x PA 210, MPM 4130x PA 212, MPM 8175x PA 212, Acess PSS-300

Power Amplifiers

Products: 3WA-1700, SPA-1400, XA-1100,

Power Controllers

Products: SC-100

Power Line Conditioners

Products: PCL-810, PCL-815, CPD-1006L

Rack Gear

Products: SD-2418, RMX-6, PB48, RDI-8, RL-2X

Sound Processors: Analog

Products: FS-4N

Sound Processors: Digital

Products: SDR-260, DigiComp 16


J Series: J-12, J-15
BT Series: PS8-BT, PAS-300BT
M-CAB Series: MC-8, MC-10X, MC-12, MC-15
P-CAB Series: PCS-8X, PCS-10X, PCS-12X, PCS-15, PCS-15X
THS Series: THS-1512, THS-1515
ProPower Series: PS112, PS115, PTS515, PTS1015, PS215, PAM-10F
ProPower Plus Series: PS110+, PS112+, PS115+, PS215+
ProPower Plus Active Series: PPAS-110+, PPAS-112+, PPAS-115+, PPAS-215+
Subwoofers: PSW15, PSW18, PSW152, PSW-18A

Test Gear

Products: DSM-1, ASM-2, CT-6

Studio/Personal Stage Monitors

Stage Monitors: FWA-12, FWA-15, PFW12, PFW15, MC-12, MC-15, PCS-12, PCS-15, J-12, J-15, PAM-10F, PM-100, PM-200A
Studio Monitors: SM-120, SM-250A, SM-300A, CSM-5

Miscellaneous Gear

Hum Eliminator: HE-1
DJ Phono Pre-Amplifer: PHP-3


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