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September 11, 2014
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September 11, 2014
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SPC-20 Professional Performance Microphone

5 out of 5
(1 customer review)

  • Unique 2-layer ballscreen “pop” filter for elimination of breath noises
  • Pressure gradient back electret condenser and transformerless FET circuitry for ultra transparency and enhanced transient response
  • Wide frequency response (50~16,000Hz) with specially tailored mid-high presence for vocal punch and exceptional crisp, clear sound
  • Supercardioid polar pattern for maximum feedback rejection
  • Ultra-high (140dB) SPL capacity and wide 115dB dynamic range for maximum freedom from distortion even in the most demanding applications
  • 4.5mV/Pa sensitivity, and 200 ohms rated impedance with 1000 Ohm minimum load impedance
  • Superior internal shockmounting to eliminate handling noise
  • Required 48VDC phantom power
Reviews (1)

1 review for SPC-20 Professional Performance Microphone

  1. Nathan
    5 out of 5


    This is a Great microphone for the money. Everyone at church says they sound better than our Shure SM58’s & I preferred the SM58’s over the Seinnheiser E835’s. I didn’t care for the sound of Audix’s OM2 in the same price range on vocals either. I always get far better vocal results with these SPC-20 than any of the above 3 more expensive dynamic mic.’s. It also held it’s own against my $200 Countryman Isomax headset. (The only thing to verify if considering these 4 different (non headset) mic.’s is that the SPC-20 is a condenser & requires that the system be able to supply it with Phantom Power. If you do, the SPC-20 for less is a no brainer.)

    This mic. has a tighter pickup pattern than either of the above mentioned mic.’s which is only a down side on vocals when singers ignore their mic. and let there mouth wonder away from the mic. If you have a compressor on the mic. this is not a big problem.

    The mic. has a boost at 12kHz which helps a lot when singers smother the mic. but may need pulled back down if they stay away from the mic.

    In a terribly reverberant room this has mic. has been my best find for rejection feedback when trying to pickup multiple voices all at once. Far less feedback than when I borrowed a pair of Audio Technica 4015’s for a children’s choir.

    Showed this mic. to a local school choir director & it was much preferred for their soloists that day to their Audix OM2’s since details of the voice were so much clearer.

    I’ve also used this on percussion & it works very well inside a Cajon, Djembe, over Conga’s etc. without distorting.

    On electric guitar amps this will give you so much more detail & clarity needed in complicated mixes than the common Shure SM57’s.

    I recommend buying one since they are in the $60-65 range. Test it out extensively on anything & everything you need a mic. for, then decide how many different applications you then want to use them on & then buy them accordingly. At this price they are much more affordable to buy in bulk or replace if they fail or get damaged. I can’t wait until I can have a dozen of them on hand all the time for our live events. This is my Go-To Mic. for live applications when a budget is a concern.

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