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September 9, 2014
SRM-14X 14-Channel Stereo Mic / Line Mixer
September 10, 2014
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SRM-10X 10-Channel Stereo Mic / Line Mixer

4.67 out of 5
(3 customer reviews)

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  • Two mono channels with Trim, Bass, Treble, Aux Send, Pan, and Level controls; low cut; pre/post; PFL switches; Inserts
  • Four stereo channels: two with Level controls, Bass/Treble, Balance controls, Pre/Post Aux Send and PFL switches; two with Level controls and PFL switches
  • Tape In RCA jacks with Level control and PFL switch
  • Tape Record Out RCA jacks
  • Individual channel Aux Send, Pre/Post selectable, and Master control
  • L/R main unbalanced outputs with slider control
  • Mono output with slider level control and AFL switch
  • Dual 6-segment LED display bar graph meters
  • Ultra-low noise mic preamps
  • Full spectrum frequency response
  • Wide dynamic range with superior headroom
  • Separate Master Mix, Control Room and Headphone outputs
  • Mic and Line balanced inputs for optimum audio integrity
  • ¼” TRS Stereo Control Room and Headphone outputs
  • Switchable global +48V phantom power on all mono inputs
  • Input Trim control on each mono channel
  • Pan pots on each mono channel and Balance pots on each stereo input
  • Peak LEDs on mono channels
  • High-quality pots for all controls with Pan/Balance and EQ controls having center detents
  • High-strength steel casing and superior construction with only highest quality components for longest life and maximum reliability
  • External AC supply for optimum signal integrity and superior transient response
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for SRM-10X 10-Channel Stereo Mic / Line Mixer

  1. Chris W
    5 out of 5


    usually set up mixer boards for church productions and always recommend Mackie. Although sometimes expensive, the quality of the boards are amazing which is why this board surprised me. I bought it for home studio use for a small environment with a maximum inputs using 2 microphones, keyboard, external music and outputting to a computer (for recording) and to an amp.

    This Nady board has impressed me. It is small and doesn’t have a lot of channels, but the price for 10 channels is amazing and well worth the money. The board seems sturdy enough. I don’t particularly enjoy the knobs instead of sliders, but I bought the board knowing this feature so I won’t reduce the stars for that. All of the ports are very easily accessible and the multiple aux sends and returns are very nice. You can also use pre and post fader options as well as sending to a control room/headphones and/or RCA outputs (and inputs are available) for different options. The board has an option for stereo and mono mode. In mono mode, all the channels work completely independent.

    I will definitely buy another board like this again for smaller jobs. I wish it had a digital out, but again… I didn’t buy the board for that either.

  2. Howard C
    4 out of 5


    The SRM-10X, is small, doesn’t require much space and to the point. Meaning you have to realize that the equipment is small, and the wiring will be many. But it will get the job done. I did come to find out that it does have is own power (Amp) just very low, you may or maybe need extra Amp-rage. And also you will use a lot of RCA connectors and wires. I really enjoy it. Nady! Thank you.

  3. Steve Kapinos
    5 out of 5


    Unit has served us well over time. Good manual and build quality feels great.

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