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September 9, 2014
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September 9, 2014
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MM-15USB 15-channel Mini Mixer With USB Interface

Mini-mixer with USB Interface
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  • With up to 15 simultaneous inputs and ten outputs (including complete USB interface), this versatile desktop mini-mixer is a valuable tool for almost any studio recording, computer, home audio or live performance application
  • Two mono channels with balanced Mic and Line Inputs and two stereo channels with Line and RCA Inputs; each channel has Trim, 3-Band EQ, Aux Send, Pan, and Level Controls with Peak indicator LEDs
  • USB 1.0 I/O Interface to send or receive digital audio signals to or from any computer
  • Stereo mini-jack iPod/MP3 inputs
  • Ultra-low noise mic preamps for optimum signal integrity; full spectrum frequency response with wide dynamic range and superior headroom
  • Separate Main Mix, Control Room, and Headphone outputs; Stereo Aux; Return inputs with Level control; Tape In/Out RCA connectors plus stereo mini-jack output
  • Dual 4-segment LED display bar graph meters
  • SMD technology for most compact design
  • Miniature 7” x 8” durable steel casing and superior construction for long life and maximum reliability
  • The MM-15USB is also available with added optional Sony ACID Music Studio software which can be used for enhanced capabilities such as recording/editing/mixing multiple tracks of audio and MIDI, creating unique interactive tutorials, and sharing songs on CD/ MP3 and other formats
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