SPM-4250 4-Channel Stereo Powered Mixer
September 10, 2014
PMX-1600 16-Channel Console Powered Mixer
September 10, 2014
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PMX 600

PMX-600 6-Channel Console Powered Mixer

6-channel / 2-bus
2 x 225W RMS @ 4Ω (1% THD) both channels driven
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  • Six mono input channels with balanced XLR Mic and ¼” TRS line inputs
  • Fan-cooled, bipolar amplifier
    L/R Main Mix and G1-2 Group Submix buses, with four master faders and Group to Main enable switch
  • Built-in 32-bit DSP simulates plate, gate, room, hall, stadium reverbs
  • 60mm faders on all Channels, Groups 1/2, Main L/R, and Effects; two 7-band master EQs; Channel Trim controls, Peak LEDs, and switchable Low Cut filters; channel high EQ, frequency sweepable mid EQ, low EQ; Channel Aux 1 and Aux 2 Send controls, Pan controls, and assignable L/R and G1-2 switches; switchable +48V phantom power; two Aux Sends and two Aux Returns each with Level controls; Tape/CD In and Record Out stereo RCA jacks with Tape level control; six balanced ¼” TRS inserts; two 10-segment LED display bar graph meters with Power Amp Peak indicator
  • Outputs include balanced ¼” TRS and XLR Main Stereo Outputs; balanced ¼” Group 1 and 2 outputs; adjustable Control Room left and right ¼” outputs; and stereo headphone output with separate volume adjust and L/R or G1/G2 selector; L/R dual ¼” amplifier outputs for easy speaker daisy-chaining
  • Internal shielded AC supply with 115V(60Hz)/230V(50Hz) selector switch
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