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RDI-8 8-Channel Direct In Box / Line Mixer

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  • Eight totally independent DI Box units in a 1U package for multiple signal corrections/conversions, with ¼” TRS jacks for balanced or unbalanced inputs and XLR jacks for servo-balanced outputs for each channel
  • Each DI box eliminates impedance mismatch problems and converts any sound source — from guitar to speaker inputs — into a clean, powerful, hum-free, noise-free, interference-free balanced signal; perfect even for extremely long cable runs
  • Can be used simultaneously as an 8-channel line mixer with both stereo Line and Master outputs
  • Optimum hookup flexibility with independent parallel link outputs for each channel; enables applications such as monitoring a specific input locally while sending an XLR balanced direct output to another source without affecting the line mixer signal
  • Multi-purpose design enables parallel-operation applications (e.g., setting an independent stereo mix for stage monitoring for extended setup of keyboards, samplers and synth modules while supplying independent XLR balanced outputs to the stage box for the front of house engineer)
  • Controls for the Line Mixer operation include independent rotary volume and L/R pan controls per channel for the Stereo Line output, and an additional Master Volume control for the Master Stereo output
  • Independent 20dB Pad and Ground Lift switches per channel control both the DI Box and Line Mixer outputs simultaneously
  • Shielded internal dual regulated power supply with ~115V(60Hz)/~230V(50Hz) select switch and fused IEC power cord connector
  • Advanced circuit design and carefully selected components ensure extended linear frequency response and ultra low distortion for pure, transparent audio across the spectrum for both DI Box and Line Mixer operation
  • High-quality, rugged construction for maximum long life and reliability
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