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September 10, 2014
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September 10, 2014
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DigiComp-16 Stereo 18-bit Digital Compressor

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  • Exceptional assortment of 16 popular, one-of-a-kind preset digital compressor ROM programs including AGC Pure, Acoustic, Master, Clean, Dance, Kick Drum, Mixdown, Jumping Up, and eight classic stereo settings with 16 user-selectable parameter variations for each algorithm
  • Unique digital AGC and proprietary algorithms provide real dynamic compression for adding punch to weak signals, new dimensions to your sound and useful limiter functions
  • Advanced state-of-the-art digital processing with 18-bit Sigma-Delta AD/DA conversion, high speed 12.5MIPs operation, and 52-bit accumulator resolution ensures first-class/high-quality audio with negligible distortion, full bandwidth 20-20KHz response, and low noise/high dynamic range
  • Convenient front panel I/O signal gain controls, bypass switch, program and variations select controls
  • Rear panel ¼” I/O stereo and bypass jacks (for optional footswitch)
  • Versatile + 4/-10dBu input signal level stereo/mono operation, high gain mono input for plugging instruments in direct
  • 9 volt AC adapter supplied
  • Road worthy, ultra portable, all-metal 1/3 rackmountable or tabletop housing
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