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September 9, 2014
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September 9, 2014
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IRW-1PA Portable PA And Infrared Wireless Microphone System

Featuring revolutionary new state-of-the-art invisible infrared (IR) light transmission technology, the IRW Series wireless microphone systems are perfect for conference/meeting rooms, classrooms, churches, health clubs, small auditoriums, and other medium-sized venues, as well as for consumer use such as home karaoke. The IRW Series offers 3 receiver options: the IRW-215 single channel, the IRW-220 dual channel for use with two transmitters simultaneously and the IRW-1PA single channel portable wireless PA with built-in IR receiver, 12 Watt amplifier and speaker. An ideal alternative to radio (RF) wireless mics for situations in which RF congestion or privacy issues are a concern, the IRW Series systems offer high-quality audio and solid reception suitable for all speaking and most recreational singing applications.

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  • Completely self-contained IRW-1PA portable P.A. with built-in amplifier, speaker, and wireless microphone system is designed for high performance and ease of use, with simple set-up and operation
  • All 3 systems available with a choice of the IRW-LT6 bodypack transmitter (for use with lapel or headset microphones) or the IRW-HT6 handheld microphone transmitter
  • Designed for indoor use only, even in well lighted areas IR won’t transmit through walls, so any number of IRW Series systems can be used in the same building (such as schools) without the interference often encountered in multiple RF (VHF and/or UHF) wireless mic set-ups. The IRW Series is also perfect for secure, in-room-only transmissions for privacy, which is not possible with RF wireless systems which penetrate outside rooms
  • For short-range (~40 ft/12m) line-of-sight transmissions in one room only with built-in IR wide-angle sensor arrays in the receivers. The range can be extended in any direction for 40 feet (12 m) more with optional wall or ceiling mount remote IRW-1S sensor which connects to the receiver
  • Built-in 12 W (peak) audio amplifier and speaker
  • Single channel receiver infrared operation
  • High IR reception sensitivity, with built-in multiple wide-angle IR LED sensor arrays
  • Remote IR sensor input
  • Power ON and Received Signal LED indicators
  • Power ON switch and Volume control
  • AC powered
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