UHF-24 Dual Discrete Channel UHF Wireless System For Simultaneous Operation Of Two Transmitters
September 8, 2014
2W-1KU Dual UHF Wireless Receiver System
September 8, 2014
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W -1KU
W -1KU

W-1KU Single UHF Reciever Wireless System

Full-featured 1,000-channel select UHF wireless system for the most demanding applications (single receiver).  Frequency agile operation and clear channel, interference-free performance.


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W-1KU Wireless System Available In Handheld (HT) Lapel (LT) Or Instrument (GT) Transmitters:

W-1KU Receiver:

  • Unsurpassed state-of-the-art PLL UHF performance with 120dB dynamic range and operation up to 500 feet line-of sight
  • 1000 user selectable UHF frequencies per band, with AUTO-SCAN for easy location of clear channels
  • True Diversity circuitry with two complete front ends for maximizing range and most effective elimination of dropouts
  • Sophisticated IF filtering for simultaneous operation of HT-1KU or BT-1KU systems in the same location
  • Front panel touch control buttons and user-friendly LCD configuration menus
  • ASC™ (Auto-Sync Channel) IR download feature which sends selected Group/Channel information to transmitter via IR for easy frequency synchronization
  • Front panel backlit LCD display indicates selected audio output Volume level, Group, Channel, RF signal strength meter, A/B Diversity antenna status; Separate audio LED bar graph display provides instantaneous audio level status from a distance
  • Back panel Balanced XLR Mic level and Unbalanced ¼” Line level audio output jacks, squelch control, RF BNC connectors for dual removable ½ wave antennas, and DC power input jack
  • Externally powered (adapter included)
  • Rugged all-metal housing — rackmountable with optional single rackmount kit or dual (side-by-side) rackmount kit

HT-1KU Handheld And BT-1KU Bodypack Transmitters:

  • Choice of transmitters: HT-1KU or BT-1KU, all with 1000 easily selectable channels: manually with up/down buttons on units or via IR Sync download of selected channel for easy synchronization with receiver
  • HT-1KU Handheld transmitter features a sleek, durable all-metal housing; power Off/On switch; internal antenna system; and superior neodymium cartridge for clear, powerful audio, maximum feedback rejection, and minimal handling noise
  • BT-1KU bodypack transmitter (choice of three versions: LT, LT/HM, or GT) features road worthy all-metal case; power Off/Mute/On switch; flexible external antenna rod; and mini locking connector for lapel (LT), Headmic™ (LT/HM), or instrument (GT) applications
  • HT-1KU and BT-1KU transmitters feature LCD displays indicating selected Group, Channel, Audio Input Levels, and Battery level status; transmitting High/Low RF power switch for optimizing distance operation depending on application; and operation with two AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable NiMH) for longest reliable, economical battery life
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for W-1KU Single UHF Reciever Wireless System

  1. Tonyi
    4 out of 5


    Needed a quick Lav mic solution for some presenting at work. This was a great choice. Fired up quick. No real learning curve. Came in a nice case so we can move it around.

  2. Pearson Productions
    4 out of 5


    We use this for our pastor. It is great, sounds good, looks good and is very reliable. Best bang for buck. The only reason I gave 4 stars for features is because Nady does not offer a single earworn mic

  3. nathan
    4 out of 5


    I own the BT/HM-20U & HT versions of this series.

    The HM-20U is directional & has excellent feedback rejection. (However I choose to buy & use JK Global’s MIC-J 060 headset which is far easier & quicker to transition between different users. Some users even have set aside the Countryman E6 on hand for the MIC-J 060 mic.)

    First thing that must be said: The “Download Manual” document contains inaccurate “Mute (Squelch) Control” instructions regarding the “CW” & “CCW” instructions.
    Below are intructions that reflect the Receiver’s actual behavior:
    – Fully CW position allows the most reception range.
    – Fully CCW position allows the least reception range & Mutes more.
    (This error has made my life miserable, because I read the manual on this setting when heading outdoors & believed it & set both units for what I thought was max range. So for over a year after that event both units were muting on us at ridiculously short distance from the receiver. I finally decided to ignore directions & adjust to the opposite extreme & now I can rely on them again.)

    The HT shares the same dynamic mic. capsule as all the other Nady wireless systems I’ve used so if you’ve ever heard any of Nady’s other wireless mic.’s, you probably know what this one sounds like. It has a detailed & very intelligible, near condenser like, sound. Maybe a bit excessively hyped around 6.6 kHz. but it helps when placed really close to the mouth. The built in wind screen doesn’t filter out pops super well but a wind screen can help that if desred. The mic. works very well in a Master of Ceremonies role since it is not super directional. That said, it constantly surprises me how little feedback we get when people talk right next to our main speakers. For audio quality, especially important for singers, this can’t compete with Nady’s excellent SPC-20 hard wired condenser vocal mic. but is still acceptable. That said for the money this wireless system works well overall.

    Auto channel scanning & IR syncing work well. The only thing I miss over other more expensive systems is having the Battery level being visible on the receiver display for the tech folks to verify during long events remotely.

    I love the metal HT & solid feel of the solid metal BT transmitter. It inspires confidence & prevents over tightening of plastic ones that can crack.

    If we could screw on a smoother mic. capsule to improve the HT like with a SPC-20 even shortening battery life, I’d rate the W-1KU HT system 5 stars in a heartbeat.

    I did buy one of the CM-60 instrument mic.’s thinking I could use it with the BT unit. I learnd that mic. is way to hot for this pack even on the -30db setting for many instruments. So it would be nice at times if it had more adjustment.

    These systems are much quieter as well when it comes to generating system noise than the Shure PGX systems when the gain on your mixer needs to boost the volume a lot for a quiet application as well.

    Very Nice!

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