WPM-1V VHF Wireless Podium Microphone System
September 9, 2014
CX-22SW 2-Way Stereo And Subwoofer Crossover
September 9, 2014
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WPM-2U UHF Wireless Podium Microphone System

  • Six standard frequencies between 470~510MHz
  • Ideal for desktop conferencing
  • Simple setup with no cumbersome cabling required between mic and amplifier—the cleanest, simplest possible installation
  • Offers top performance indistinguishable from the best hardwired podium microphones
  • Superior, clear audio for best possible communication
  • Up to 200 ft. ultra reliable reception range for maximum versatility and operating ease in any application
  • Up to six WPM-2U systems and eight WPM-1V systems (all on different frequencies) can be operated simultaneously—up to 14 total if combining UHF and VHF systems
  • For use with: UHF-3 UHF receiver
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