U-33B UHF DigiTRU™ Diversity System For Bass Guitar

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September 8, 2014
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U-33B UHF DigiTRU™ Diversity System For Bass Guitar

Loaded with top professional operating features, the U-33B is customized for use with bass guitar.  Features Enhanced Headroom™  for maximized clarity and distortion-free audio plus unique user adjustable BassBoost™ control for dialing in desired bass punch and presence.  Also features DigiTRU Diversity™ digital processing circuitry.


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  • Nady’s proprietary companding circuitry for an industry best 120dB dynamic range, and clearest, most natural sound available
  • Clear channel operation on the wide open, uncluttered UHF band for interference-free performance in any application or locale
  • DigiTRU Diversity™ for optimum range and dropout protection
  • A/B antenna LED indicators
  • 5-LED AF display for monitoring audio level
  • Unbalanced ¼” and balanced XLR outputs (for bass amp or direct mixer feeds, or both)
  • Volume control for unbalanced line output
  • Fixed level for XLR output
  • External mute (squelch) adjust
  • Half-rack receiver design with folding front panel
  • Dual one-section telescopic antennas
  • Unique snap-out panel locking tabs for optional single receiver rackmounting or dual receiver (side-by-side) rackmounting
  • Externally powered by AC/DC power adapter

U-33B BASS Bodypack Transmitter:

  • Small and compact
  • Removable “rubber ducky” antenna
  • Customized specially for use with U-33B bass guitar receiver
  • Enhanced Headroom™ for maximum possible clarity and distortion-free audio, even with high output active pickups
  • Audio mute switch allows convenient audio muting with transmitter on
  • Bi-color LED status indicator: On (green), low-battery alert (Orange)
  • Locking 3.5mm mini-jack provides secure connection for removable instrument cable
  • Convenient, economical operation with two AAA alkaline or NiMH batteries