SATELLITE-100 True Diversity 100-Channel Wireless Instrument System

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April 21, 2017
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September 18, 2017
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SATELLITE-100 True Diversity 100-Channel Wireless Instrument System

The Nady CenterStage™ Satellite -100 is a revolutionary compact instrument-only wireless system designed for electric or acoustic instruments. With 100 user-selectable UHF frequencies, the Satellite – 100 offers; clear-channel operation with up to a 300 foot range, True Diversity (dual antenna system) guaranteeing the best possible signal with limited dropouts, instant pairing of receiver to transmitter with “IR Sync” and SCAN function that immediately locates a clear open frequency in the 900 MHz frequency band that will be sure not to conflict with Wifi or other devices in the 2.4 GHz range all protected in a sturdy aluminum road case. The mini pedal-size receiver can be placed anywhere you choose, even on stage near a pedal-board with the 9V battery option, connecting directly to an amplifier, digital interface or P.A mixer. The Nady Satellite – 100 system is available in various transmitter options for Electric Guitar or Bass, Horn or Saxophone and a very unique uni-directional microphone transmitter specifically made for Acoustic Guitar that is able to capture the natural sound of your acoustic guitar instead of the un-natural sound of a guitar pickup. With so many features and transmitter options to choose, the Nady Satellite-100 is truly a revolutionary wireless system.

True Diversity 100-Channel Receiver

The compact SMR-10 receiver features 120 DB dynamic range for ultra-low-noise operation, even with high gain instrument amplifiers, relaying the clearest transparent audio—nearly indistinguishable from a traditional guitar cable. Dual antennas give it “True Diversity” for maximum range and dropout protection—with up to 300 feet line-of-sight operation. The bright, easy-to-read fluorescent display shows status of all pertinent info for easy convenient operation, and with the 9v battery option, the SMR receiver can be placed anywhere it is convenient, on a pedal-board, near a PA Mixer or connected to an amplifier.


SMGT-100 R
Features a 90° angle, ¼” plug-in transmitter designed for use with side mounted input jacks (“LP” guitar style). No body-pack required, just insert the paired SMGT-100R transmitter into your electric guitar or musical instrument.

SMGT-100 A
Features a 30° angle, 1/4“ plug for use with either recessed or surface mounted jacks (“Strat” guitar style). No body-pack required, just insert the paired SMGT-100A transmitter into your electric guitar or musical instrument.

Features a Uni-directional microphone attached to the SMHT transmitter. No body-pack required, just clamp a paired SMHT-100 transmitter onto the bell of a Saxophone or Horn and the unidirectional condenser microphone, picks up sound.

AGM-100 (SMBP-100 + GT-10)
Features the GT-10 unidirectional microphone attached to the SMBP-100 transmitter. The GT-10 clamps to the body of an acoustic guitar thereby amplifying the natural sound of the guitar.

What’s In The Box..!

SMR-100 Diversity Wireless Receiver, One Transmitter of your choice, Custom Metal Foam-Lined Case, ¼”-¼”Audio Connector Cable, AC Adapter, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries, User’s Manual.


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